Bonds Hoists

Bonds Hoists offer an extensive range of hoists that are suitable for almost any area! Initially specifically designed for the lighting market to help with chandelier maintenance, their hoists have the unique ability of powering fittings when in the fully raised state but "unplugging" them when lowered – allowing safe maintenance, cleaning and bulb changing by untrained individuals, key in today’s health and safety conscious society.

Since bringing this product to market uses for it have exploded, with the units being used in many high street stores, airports and other public and national building for uses relating to shop and museum displays, sales promotions and security.

We sell a large range of Bonds Hoists products which can be recognised by the product code BHOIS_.


Bonds Plaster Mouldings

Offering high quality products Bonds Plaster Mouldings have taken the time to carefully select a product which truly is of exceptional quality. They have visited numerous suppliers of gypsum plaster mouldings, inspected several key competitors’ selections, trying out their service and finding no match to their level of service and quality of product.

Their decorative plaster mouldings are fireproof, mould and worm resistant, moisture proof, sound and heat insulators, offer excellent constructive performance, are recommended as a green environment-friendly product and also have a crisp finish that you will find is lacking in other materials.

We offer a large range of Bonds Plaster Mouldings products with their code beginning PMOUS_.



Bush have an astounding 6,500 products in their catalogue and manfacture a staggering 76,000 pieces for orders in their factory in Rietberg-Mastholte. With such a massive range Bush attempt to offer a solution for every situation!

We stock a wide range of Bush products and you can recognise them as they all begin with the code ROHR_.



One of the leading suppliers of architectural and electrical brassware in the UK, M-Marcus was established over 60 years ago and is committed to providing both quality service and products.

Their continued success can be explained by the high standards recognised as hallmarks of their products which have been achieved with investments into both personnel and equipment.

We stock a wide range of M-Marcus products and you can recognise them as they all begin with the code MMAR_.


The House of Silk

The House of Silk deals in pure silk, silk blends and polyester silk garments, offering clothes that combine a beautiful, timeless style with real, affordable luxury.

They sell a huge selection of 100% pure silk underwear, nightwear, casual wear and scarves for both men and women. Their 100% silk is also available in beautiful ranges of both knitted silk and satin silk so you will be sure to find something perfect for you!

There are also ranges available of silk blends and polyester satin in stock, including stunning kimonos with some wonderfully intricate embroidery all made using the finest quality materials.

We sell a large range of The House of Silk products which can be recognised with the product code THOS_.



T.I.Midwood & Co Limited (TIMco) is one of the UK's largest and most experienced importers and wholesalers of screws, fixings and power tool accessories

We stock a wide range of TIMco products and you can recognise them as they all begin with the code TIMC_.