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Remote Controlled 230V Chandelier Hoist 150kg Capacity 10 Metre Lift

Brand: Bonds Hoists
Price £899.95 inc VAT
Product Code: BHOIS_AN4-10-230V
EAN: 5052156310071
Usually Dispatched Within: 8 Days


Suitable for all types of chandeliers and lighting including: pendants, chain suspended, surface mounted or theatre lighting but also many other uses including shop displays, sales promotions, as a lifting aid or even to utilise the space above your head for something a little more useful than just fresh air - how about storing your bike on your ceiling?

Makes the cleaning and maintenance of lights and displays simple, quick and easy and removes the need for any further expense on access equipment.

Simple to use - very little training necessary. Easy to read instruction manual included.

Designed to be fitted directly above the fitting to be lowered. Can be installed in roof/ceiling voids or surface mounted to the underside of the ceiling. For surface mounted products a cover plate can also be supplied to make the hoist more aesthetically pleasing to look at.

This hoist uses the medium cover plate - product code: AN7.

Hoists with different length ropes available and in either 230 voltage (European) or 110 voltage (US).

Rated Load: 150kg (330 Pounds)
Net Weight: 15kg
Lifting Height: 10 Metres (33ft - up to 20m drop available)
Rated Power: 6kw
Rated Current: 36A
Power Supply: 230V (110V option available)
Retrieve Rate: 1 Metre per Minute
Remote Battery: 1 x 23 milliamp 12V L1028 (one supplied)
Size: 350mm x 350mm x 80mm

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