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Elite Stepped Plate Satin Brass Dual Finish Collection

Brand: Heritage Brass Range: Stepped Elite Ultra-Slim Collection
Price From £10.69 inc VAT
Product Code: MMAEP_S04-8
EAN: 5052156244475
Usually Dispatched Within: 6 Days
ImageCodeElectrical PlateMinimum Box DepthAdd to Basket
6A Rocker Switches
MMAE_S04-800-PBW 1 Gang 2 Way Switch white trim25
MMAE_S04-800-PBBK 1 Gang 2 Way Switch black trim25
MMAE_S04-810-PBW 2 Gang 2 Way Switch white trim25
MMAE_S04-810-PBBK 2 Gang 2 Way Switch black trim25
MMAE_S04-820-PBW 3 Gang 2 Way Switch white trim25
MMAE_S04-820-PBBK 3 Gang 2 Way Switch black trim25
MMAE_S04-830-PBW 4 Gang 2 Way Switch white trim25
MMAE_S04-830-PBBK 4 Gang 2 Way Switch black trim25
MMAE_S04-801-PBW 1 Gang Intermediate white trim25
MMAE_S04-801-PBBK 1 Gang Intermediate black trim25
13A Switched Sockets
MMAE_S04-840-PBW Single 13A socket white trim35
MMAE_S04-840-PBBK Single 13A socket black trim35
MMAE_S04-850-PBW Double 13A socket white trim35
MMAE_S04-850-PBBK Double 13A socket black trim35
13A Fused Spur Units (Connection Units)
MMAE_S04-834-W Unswitched Spur white trim35
MMAE_S04-834-BK Unswitched Spur black trim35
MMAE_S04-835-PBW Switched Spur white trim35
MMAE_S04-835-PBBK Switched Spur black trim35
MMAE_S04-836-PBW Switched with neon white trim35
MMAE_S04-836-PBBK Switched with neon black trim35
MMAE_S04-838-PBW Switched with neon/cord white trim35
MMAE_S04-838-PBBK Switched with neon/cord black trim35
2 Way Dolly Switches
MMAE_S04-3400PB 1 Gang dolly35
MMAE_S04-3410PB 2 Gang dolly35
2 Way Push On/Off Dimmer Switches
MMAE_S04-971-250 1 Gang dimmer (250 watts)35
MMAE_S04-971-400 1 Gang dimmer (400 watts)35
MMAE_S04-972-250 2 Gang dimmer (250 watts)35
MMAE_S04-972-400 2 Gang dimmer (400 watts)35
MMAE_S04-973-250 3 Gang dimmer (250 watts)35
MMAE_S04-973-400 3 Gang dimmer (400 watts)35
MMAE_S04-974-250 4 Gang dimmer (250 watts)35
MMAE_S04-974-400 4 Gang dimmer (400 watts)35
Low Voltage Dimmer Switches
MMAE_LVS04-971-250 1 Gang Low Voltage 250VA35
MMAE_LVS04-971-400 1 Gang Low Voltage 400VA35
MMAE_LVS04-972-250 2 Gang Low Voltage 250VA35
MMAE_LVS04-972-400 2 Gang Low Voltage 400VA35
MMAE_LVS04-973-250 3 Gang Low Voltage 250VA35
MMAE_LVS04-973-400 3 Gang Low Voltage 400VA35
MMAE_LVS04-974-250 4 Gang Low Voltage 250VA35
MMAE_LVS04-974-400 4 Gang Low Voltage 400VA35
20A DP Switches
MMAE_S04-805PBW 20A DP Switch white trim35
MMAE_S04-805PBBK 20A DP Switch black trim35
MMAE_S04-806PBW 20A Switch with Neon white trim35
MMAE_S04-806PBBK 20A Switch with Neon black trim35
45A Cooker Switches
MMAE_S04-961W 45A Switch-Neon (twin) Red Rocker trim48
MMAE_S04-961BK 45A Switch-Neon (twin) Red Rocker trim48
MMAE_S04-963W 45A Switch (single) Red Rocker white trim48
MMAE_S04-963BK 45A switch (single) Red Rocker black trim48
MMAE_S04-962W 45A cooker unit-13A socket white trim48
MMAE_S04-962BK 45A cooker unit-13A socket black trim48
Triple Pole Fan Isolating Switch
MMAE_S04-990W 6A switch with white trim25
MMAE_S04-990BK 6A switch with black trim25
Round Pin Sockets Unswitched
MMAE_S04-982W 5A 3 pin white trim35
MMAE_S04-982BK 5A 3 pin black trim35
Shaver Socket Dual Output
MMAE_S04-985W Output voltage 110/240V white trim48
MMAE_S04-985BK Output voltage 110/240V black trim48
TV/Coaxial Sockets
MMAE_S04-921W Single Non-Isolated white trim35
MMAE_S04-921BK Single Non-Isolated black trim35
MMAE_S04-923W Single Isolated white trim35
MMAE_S04-923BK Single Isolated black trim35
MMAE_S04-922W Twin Non-Isolated white trim35
MMAE_S04-922BK Twin Non-Isolated black trim35
MMAE_S04-924W TV/FM Diplexed white trim35
MMAE_S04-924BK TV/FM Diplexed black trim35
Satellite Speaker / Sockets
MMAE_S04-925W Satellite Socket white trim35
MMAE_S04-925BK Satellite Socket black trim35
MMAE_S04-926W Satellite\TV Socket white trim35
MMAE_S04-926BK Satellite\TV Socket black trim35
MMAE_S04-927BK 1 Gang Speaker Socket black trim35
MMAE_S04-928BK 2 Gang Speaker Socket black trim35
Telephone and Data Sockets
MMAE_S04-966W 1 Gang Secondary Line white trim35
MMAE_S04-966BK 1 Gang Secondary Line black trim35
MMAE_S04-967W 1 Gang Master Line white trim35
MMAE_S04-967BK 1 Gang Master Line black trim35
MMAE_S04-956W 2 Gang Secondary line white trim35
MMAE_S04-956BK 2 Gang Secondary line black trim35
MMAE_S04-957W 2 Gang Master line white trim35
MMAE_S04-957BK 2 Gang Master line black trim35
MMAE_S04-968W 1 Gang RJ45 white trim35
MMAE_S04-968BK 1 Gang RJ45 black trim35
MMAE_S04-969W 1 Gang RJ11 white trim35
MMAE_S04-969BK 1 Gang RJ11 black trim35
Blanking Plates
MMAE_S04-931 Single Section Blank Plate-
MMAE_S04-932 Double Section Blank Plate-

Elite Stepped Plate

Elite Stepped Plate is an elegant range of electrical accessories featuring ultra-slim plates with an attractive stepped edge andncontemporary square profile.

Offering minimal projection this unique range provides a stylish alternative to traditional flat plate designs.

Competitively priced Elite Stepped Plate is available in a choice of luxurious finishes which includes Polished Brass and Polished Chrome together with Satin Brass, Satin Chrome and Satin Nickel dual finishes with polished edge.

Matching metal rockers with a choice of white or black trim lend a touch of sheer elegance.

Elite Stepped is the ideal design choice to compliment modern decor schemes.

Dual Finish Satin Brass with Polished Edge Plates are the following sizes:

- Single 86 x 86mm
- Double 86 x 147mm

Finish: Dual Finish Satin Brass with Polished Edge

Product Dimensions:

Height: 86 mm
Width: 86/147 mm

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