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Elite Flat Plate Antique Brass Collection

Brand: Heritage Brass Range: Antique Brass Elite Flat Plate Collection
Price From £11.90 inc VAT
Product Code: MMAEP_T91-8
EAN: 5052156235756
Usually Dispatched Within: 6 Days
ImageCodeElectrical PlateMinimum Box DepthAdd to Basket
10A Rocker Switches
MMAE_T91-800-ABBK 1 Gang 2 Way Switch25
MMAE_T91-810-ABBK 2 Gang 2 Way Switch25
MMAE_T91-820-ABBK 3 Gang 2 Way Switch25
MMAE_T91-830-ABBK 4 Gang 2 Way Switch25
MMAE_T91-801-ABBK 1 Gang Intermediate25
13A Switched Sockets
MMAE_T91-840-ABBK Single 13A socket35
MMAE_T91-850-ABBK Double 13A socket35
13A Fused Spur Units (Connection Units)
MMAE_T91-834-BK Unswitched Spur35
MMAE_T91-835-ABBK Switched Spur35
MMAE_T91-836-ABBK Switched with neon35
MMAE_T91-838-ABBK Switched with neon/cord35
2 Way Push On/Off Dimmer Switches
MMAE_T91-971-250 1 Gang dimmer (250 watts)35
MMAE_T91-971-400 1 Gang dimmer (400 watts)35
MMAE_T91-972-250 2 Gang dimmer (250 watts)35
MMAE_T91-972-400 2 Gang dimmer (400 watts)35
MMAE_T91-973-250 3 Gang dimmer (250 watts)35
MMAE_T91-973-400 3 Gang dimmer (400 watts)35
MMAE_T91-974-250 4 Gang dimmer (250 watts)35
MMAE_T91-974-400 4 Gang dimmer (400 watts)35
Low Voltage Dimmer Switches
MMAE_LV T91-971-250 1 Gang Low Voltage 250VA35
MMAE_LV T91-971-400 1 Gang Low Voltage 400VA35
MMAE_LV T91-972-250 2 Gang Low Voltage 250VA35
MMAE_LV T91-972-400 2 Gang Low Voltage 400VA35
MMAE_LV T91-973-250 3 Gang Low Voltage 250VA35
MMAE_LV T91-973-400 3 Gang Low Voltage 400VA35
MMAE_LV T91-974-250 4 Gang Low Voltage 250VA35
MMAE_LV T91-974-400 4 Gang Low Voltage 400VA35
20A DP Switches
MMAE_T91-805-ABBK 20A DP Switch35
MMAE_T91-806-ABBK 20A Switch with Neon35
Blanking Plates
MMAE_T91-931 Single Section Blank-
MMAE_T91-932 Double Section Blank-
45A Cooker Switches
MMAE_T91-961-BK 45A Neon (twin) Red Rocker48
MMAE_T91-963-BK 45A (single) Red Rocker48
MMAE_T91-962-BK 45A cooker unit & 13A socket48
Triple Pole Fan Isolating Switch
MMAE_T91-990-BK 6A switch25
Round Pin Sockets Unswitched
MMAE_T91-982-BK 5A 3 pin35
Shaver Socket Dual Output
MMAE_T91-985-BK Output voltage 110/240V48
TV/Coaxial Sockets
MMAE_T91-921-BK Single Non-Isolated35
MMAE_T91-923-BK Single Isolated35
MMAE_T91-922-BK Twin Non-Isolated35
MMAE_T91-924-BK-DIP TV/FM Diplexed35
Satellite/ Speaker/ Triplex Sockets
MMAE_T91-925-BK Satellite Socket35
MMAE_T91-926-BK Satellite\TV Socket35
Telephone and Data Sockets
MMAE_T91-927-BK 1 Gang Speaker Socket35
MMAE_T91-928-BK 2 Gang Speaker Socket35
MMAE_T91-929-BK 1 Gang Triplex TV/FM/SAT35
MMAE_T91-966-BK 1 Gang Secondary Line35
MMAE_T91-967-BK 1 Gang Master Line35
MMAE_T91-956-BK 2 Gang Secondary line35
MMAE_T91-957-BK 2 Gang Master line35
MMAE_T91-968-BK 1 Gang RJ4535
MMAE_T91-958-BK 2 Gang RJ4535
MMAE_T91-969-BK 1 Gang RJ1135

Antique Brass Elite

Heritage Antique Brass plates are individually hand finished to provide subtle variations in surface shading and patterning so as to recreate a sophisticated antique lustre.

Available in either flat plate or stepped plate, both ranges are supplied with antique metal rockers and black trim.

Antique Brass plates are finally coated with an electropheretic lacquer to ensure that the high quality finish is maintained.

Antique Brass Plates are the following sizes:

- Single 86 x 86mm
- Double 86 x 147mm

Finish: Antique Brass

Product Dimensions:

Height: 86 mm
Width: 86/147 mm

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